Memorial Cookbook

Those Who Have Died
by Suicide

Dear Friends


-Suicide Memorial Wall
-Suicide Reference Library
-Suicide Discussion Board
-Murder Victims Memorial Wall

We also have:

Daily chats in the POS chatroom for members, lead by Chat Chief Lloyd Carson and the Chat Team.

A monthly list of the names of all we remember at the bottom of every message that goes through the group.

Calendar reminders of the names of each person to remember sent out via the groups.

Annual Retreats in Pavo, Georgia, and smaller meetings at other places.

The Butterfly Net – A newsletter published twice a month. Edited by Marcy Carter and the BFN Team.

The Most Beautiful International Suicide Memorial Quilt in the World, created by Marge Cline and Bunkie Rivkin. It’s 30 feet long and includes 120 photo squares.

An annual Holiday Candlelight Memorial Program in December.

Finally, and most important, we have e-mail support for all members, just a mouse-click away. 24 and 7, we can reach out to each other, or read and find a connection.

Love and peace,
Karyl, Mother of Arlyn











POS and FFOS started out as simple e-mail support groups to meet the needs of a few people who were desperate to connect with others who knew how they felt. POS began on October 9, 1998, and FFOS began on September 30, 2000.

During the years, the groups have grown into thriving Internet communities. POS has over 400 members; FFOS has over 200. They come from live all over the United States, and also in Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, China, Germany, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Belgium, and Israel.

POS’s mission is to offer friendship, support, information and hope to parents whose sons or daughters died by suicide. FFOS’s mission was the same, except for anyone else whose life has been affected by suicide.

The POS – FFOS Internet community works because we have so many people who have volunteered to help throughout the years. We will not attempt to name them all here, but we will list a few of the things our members do.

We have six websites in our POS – FFOS community. They were all created and are maintained by Elaine Davison, our Website Administrator, and a team of committed volunteers.

The sites are:

-Parents of Suicides Memorial Website
-Friends & Families of Suicides Memorial













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 Created with Love for
ALL of our loved ones by:
Elaine Davison
Mother of Mark Baker
Rose City, Mi
07/31/80 to 01/05/98

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