Memorial Cookbook

Those Who Have Died
by Suicide





1/3 c. worcestershire sauce
1 1/2 tsp. hickory seasoning liquid
1 T. onion salt

turkey meat sliced thin
2 T. liquid smoke
3 T. soy sauce
10 dash Tabasco sauce (add extra
Tabasco for spicier flavor)


Mix all ingredients together in a marinade dish. Add strips of turkey and marinate in the 'fridge covered for 8 - 24 hours, depending upon how flavorful you want it. Take strips out of marinade and pat dry and arrange pieces side by side on an oven roasting rack, without overlap. Place in dehydrator or on sheets for oven. In the oven: Cook at minimum heat (150) for 6 hours. Leave oven door ajar to allow moisture to escape. Meat should be dark and dry. Store Jerky in a cool, airtight container. To dehydrate until jerky is tough/crisp, the time will vary based on method of dehydration, use your best judgment, but between 12 - 36 hours. If you like it brittle, really dry it. You can place dried jerky in a Ziploc bag with a slice of fresh bread and it will soften it back up.
                                                                                 Mary McIntosh - Texas
                                                                                      In loving memory of
                                                                                     Misty Ann McIntosh


1 jar pint or quart soup
silver coins, enough to fill jar

soup label

Fill jar with coins. Place a label saying Homemade Soup on jar. Give to someone that you know could use a little extra money during the week. Such as a college or high school student, or even a young adult that has just moved out on there own.

Note: When Tyler would come to visit, I would always go through the pantry and send food home with him. I would always include the soup jar. He thought that I made the best homemade soup in the world.
                                                            Darlene Zimmerman - North Carolina
                                                                                      In loving memory of
                                                                                   Joshua "Tyler" Moretz 




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