Memorial Cookbook

Those Who Have Died
by Suicide







1/2 doz. eggs
1/2 c. sugar
1 stick margerine

1/2 c. milk
1/2 c. water
1/2 c. flour

Mix milk, water, flour, eggs, and sugar together. Best to let the mixture stand in the refrigerator overnight, so the flour gets completely dissolved. Stir thoroughly before making crepes. Use a small frying pan and a stick of margarine. Leave the margarine in its wrapper and just rub the end of the stick around in the hot pan until the bottom of the pan is coated. Pour enough of the batter into the pan to cover the bottom of the pan and tilt the pan so the batter moves up the sides also. These cook very quickly, so watch carefully and flip as soon as underside is brown. Brown second side and turn
out onto plate.

Variety of fillings for crepes


brown sugar
cream cheese 

sour cream
ice cream


Each person can fill his or her own crepes with the fillings of choice. Spread the filling(s) on the crepe, then roll it up and enjoy! Six eggs generally makes enough crepes to feed 3 people.

Note: I taught Mike how to make these and it was one of the recipes he really loved and used a lot with his friends. See You On the River, Mike!
                                                                                  Marge Cline - Illinois
                                                                                   In loving memory of
                                                                                                 Mike Cline






Trim any fat from the meat and pace it all on a cookie sheet and put in the freezer until it is quite rigid but not frozen hard. Meanwhile, combine soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, beer, liquid smoke, onion powder, Tabasco sauce, pepper and salt. You may vary the amounts of spices to your own taste. When meat is sufficiently stiff, slice it thinly (approx. 1/8 inch) but do not add to liquid until it is all sliced so that it soaks the same length of time. Soak meat in liquid for one hour, stirring it around with your hands several times to make sure that both sides of each piece are exposed to the liquid. You may soak it in plastic bags or a dish that has a tight-fitting lid so you can turn it over several times. After an hour, take each piece and lay it on dehydrator trays for 8 to 10 hours or until it is dried but still just barely pliable (not bone dry!). I rotate my trays every hour or so so that each tray is on the bottom during part of the drying time. Store in plastic bags or as I do, in 3-lb coffee cans with plastic lids. Punch the lids or the plastic bags with a few pin holes to let it "breathe" and stay on the dry side.
(It can spoil if too much moisture remains. It can last for a long time this way but mine never lasts long cuz my family loves it!

Note: If you don't have a large dehydrator, only use 2 London broils. You may use 3 eye of the round roasts sliced in half lengthwise before putting into the freezer but there is more fat to trim from this cut of meat. The meat must be very lean or the fat content hastens spoilage. A huge jar of this jerky was an annual Christmas gift to Kenneth.
                                                                                      Julia Long - Nevada
                                                                                      In loving memory of
                                                                                          Kenneth E. Long


1 tsp. garlic powder
1 tsp. onion powder
3 Tabasco sauce (to taste)
1/8-1/4 tsp. black pepper

3 lg. London broil
1 pt. soy sauce
1 pt. teriyaki sauce
1/2 can beer (flat; Open several hours ahead of time.)
1 T. liquid smoke




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