Memorial Cookbook

Those Who Have Died
by Suicide


Special Quotes

Personally, I think we all donít even start to climb out of the murky depths until weíve fully explored them.
                                                                              -Rosalinda Raynes Millyís Mum

ďThe cocoon represents their lives and their being wrapped up by their pain and hopelessness. The butterfly represents their freedom from the pain.
                                                                                -Lloyd Carson, Stephenís dad

None of us would part with a single one of our memories yet they are all so laced with pain. They need and desire to touch and hold our child again brings and ache that has no release.
                                                                       -Willis Day, Nathan & Rachelís dad

To look to the future when the past still haunts us is a daunting task, but what other choice do we have? We canít change the past, we are stuck with it, all we can do is try to live the best we can and to make the best of it.
                                                                                       -Jack Cassidy, Pattiís dad

Losing a child is like a broken down car. To go in reverse brings painful memories. To go forward is too scary without your child. So we sit in neutral with our hands clutched to the emergency brake, hoping someday to find a way to run again.
                                                                                    -Denise Bellion, Carlís mom

Thatís the only thing that could help me at timesí someone to help me cry. Just shut up and sit and be quiet while I cry. This thing called grief is a strange thing indeed.
                                                                           -Maggie Zarcufsky, Shaunís mom

Small things matter so much to me now - the sunsets, perfume of flowers, smiles on faces, laughter, etc. They are all things I took for granted before but now I see them differently. -Janine Chappell, Coryís mom

I acheÖ I canít breatheÖ Iím drowning in tears. Their names arenít supposed to be in granite. They are supposed to be on diplomaís from medical school, hanging on the wall in their offices. They arenít supposed to be gone.
                                                                 -Brenda Adkins, Jasonís and Rickís mom

When I am too tired to tread on water or swim, I just look to the sky and float. It requires very little energy and if you can relax and feel Godís love shining on your face, you may find life a bit easier for the moment.
                                                                                    -Barbara, mother of Spence

I have always believed we can share our joy, but not our sorrow; sorrow is a solidary thing. Most of the days of our lives are just in different shades of gray. The sorrow went deep inside me. Joy is inside-out. Grief is outside-in. The sorrow stabbed into my soul.
                                                                                    -Mare Sanford, Moeís mom

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 Created with Love for
ALL of our loved ones by:
Elaine Davison
Mother of Mark Baker
Rose City, Mi
07/31/80 to 01/05/98

© 06/2004
All rights reserved



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