POS Retreat 2003
Pavo, Geogia

The 4th annual POS Retreat was held the week-end of
April 4th in Pavo for the purpose of providing time
away from the 'real' world for members of POS to gather together
and celebrate the lives of their children.

Special guests were those who came from countries
outside of the United States to attend.

Lynne and Peter Olson from New Zealand
Bob and Lynda Humphrey from England
Rosaleen McCabe from Ireland
Pat DuPuis from Canada

At this retreat, we presented The Most Beautiful
Internet Suicide Memorial Quilt in the World
to those who attended.

We held our Annual Peace Fire Ceremony.

We dedicated the POS Windsock
at the Butterfly Pavilion.

We released helium-filled balloons with
the names of our children into the sky.

Most important, however, we shared memories, tears
and hugs with each other, solidifying friendships
which were created via the internet, a world without boundaries.

Click links below to see a group photo and pages with photos from the retreat.

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The Most Beautiful International Suicide Memorial Quilt in the World

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