Retreat 2003
Photo Album

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Pavo, Georgia

Bob H puts the group photo together.

Bonnie and Beverly chat.

Kristi and Wanda with balloons.

Morrigan, the Red Hat Lady

Tom and Iris
Campground directors!

Jack and Carmen with Shirley and Garey

Cheryl just had a shower.

Peter in his POS t-shirt

Ronnie with Arlyn's balloon

Sharon blowing bubbles

Diane helps Sharon
with her balloon.

Tracy W.

Morrigan and Tracy T

Patty and Logan with Allen's Balloon

Clint and Skippy
Blocks on the Rafter of the
Butterfly Pavilion

Sharon with memorial displays

Trish settled at a display table

Wanda and Trish together

Kristi D, Christa, Marcia and Bunkie

Balloon Release

Bob D and Rosaleen discuss life!

Trish places her letter to Melissa
in the Peace Fire.
Light in top corner - ???

Balloon Release

The Peace Fire

Buttefly Pavilion with People Inside

Rosaleen places a letter to
Anthony in the Peace Fire.

Candy, Shelia, Don and Melissa
in the Butterfly Pavilion

Rafter blocks
for Allen, Mark and Patti

Rafter blocks for Anthony and Jay

Lynda visits with Marge

Bob presents Marge
a Certificate of Appreciation.

Scott Hugs Rosaleen

Patty & Logan
with Allen's Balloon

Cars Parked

Bob & Lynda from England
With Darren's Balloon

The Campground

Morrigan, Tracy and Dona
With David's Balloon

Shhhh! Don't tell anyone
that this is Rosaleen's Behind!

Bob, Candy, Deb and Mare

The Most Beautiful International Suicide Memorial Quilt in the World
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