POS Retreat 2003
Pavo, Geogia

Group Photo

Front row on ground left to right
Billy, Candy & Bob, Bunkie, Marcia, Dona, Bonnie, Chris & David, Melissa, Brenda, Lynne & Peter

Standing on right behind Peter
Bob D & Bob H

Seated in Row 2
Kristy V, Samantha, Judy R, Tracy T, Elaine, Rosaleen, Keith, Alice, Eileen, Geri

Row 3
Tracy W & Andrew, Pat, Carmen, Karen, Cheryl, Shirley, Patty, Sharon, Morrigan, Iris

Mare, Jackie W, Sue, Karyl, Jack, Judy H, Beth, Ginny, Trish, Wanda, Vanda, Lloyd, Deb, Greg, Logan, Don, Christa, Shelia, Scott, Kristi D, Jean, Ray, Diane, Tom

Not in photo:
Lynda & Ronnie

The Most Beautiful International Suicide Memorial Quilt in the World
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