Retreat 2003
Photo Album

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A Very Special Week-End

Welcome Everyone
Especially Bob & Lynda, Rosaleen, Pat
and Lynne and Peter!

Jackie, Sue, and Billy
Where is Kristi V?

Vanda and Lloyd

Bob reading at the Peace Fire

Perpetual Honeymooners
Shirley and Garey

Alice, Tracy and Cheryl
plot tricks against the rest of us!

Christa's Leg
Safe from mosquitoes now!

Hugging for Peace!
Samantha, Lynne, Candy, Patty
Mare, Melissa, Bonnie

Newlyweds Chris & Keith

Patty and Jean
A Thoughtful Moment

Andrew and Tracy W
Finally arrived!

Judy, Don and Shelia Together Again

Jackie W - Yikes! Ants!!!

Tracy T and Brenda - Forming Bonds

Brenda's Beautiful Red Hair!

Men are great at supervising work.
Supervisors are:
Peter, Billy, Bob H, Logan, Ray

Eileen in the kitchen

Sharon and Wanda
in the Butterfly Pavilion

Bunkie with Jay's Balloon

View of campground across from
the Peace Fire area

Preparing balloons
for the release

Judy R and Tracy
Relax in the swing.

Geri has arrived!

Samantha with Skippy's Balloon

The Davisons!
Bob, Elaine and Scott

Ray pumps air into balloons

Vanda relaxes.

Billy, Sue and Kristi
With a balloon for Susan

Kristi D leaves the porta potty
But WHAT is that on stuck to her pants?????

Iris comes out of her tent.

Trish and Sharon from Rhode Island

Candy, Lynne, Bonnie and Mare

Dona. She claims her back is her best side, but ...

England and New Zealand
Bob and Lynda
Lynne and Peter

Beveryl and Deb

Bunkie welcomes Jean and Franklin


Little David with Billy's Balloon

Deb J relaxes.

Rosaleen takes care of Bev's dog

Balloons fill the sky.

Marcia, Dona and Bonnie

Lynne with balloons for Peter and Tony

Mare and Karyl with Balloons

Tom, Logan, Lloyd and Deb

Candy and Bobbo

Bob and Ronnie barbecue the chicken
while Tom supervises.

Pat D, Trish and Bonnie with balloons

The Most Beautiful International Suicide Memorial Quilt in the World
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