Retreat 2004
Photo Album

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Pavo, Georgia

Marcy near the Butterfly Quilt

The Golden Girls: Pamela, Bunkie, Wendy and Marcia


Remembering Jason and Rick

Remembering Ralphie

Bonnie helps Bunkie relax.

Willis and Diane

Smokers' circle

The 3 Bob's!
Bob H, Bob R, Bob D

Deb, deep in thought.

Tricia resting on the Butterfly Sofa.

Argia at the Peace Fire, Remembering Ralphie

Lloyd and Trish at the Peace Fire

Trish from Florida

Painting by April O'Brien,
Katrina's Mom

Boy Angel Bench from Brenda.

Lisa's busy.

Scott and Bob H enjoy time to visit.

Argia and Karen listen thoughtfully.

Tents for Scott and Lloyd

The Front Door

Marcy, Carmen & Darlene

Pat and Sheila.

Glenda and Darlene

Karen and Susan thought no one would recognize them in their shades!

Kathy and Lynda together.

Elaine, Logan, Bonnie and Marcy.

Glenda and Susan in front of the Butterfly Trees.

Helen & Karyl on the Butterfly Bench.

Kitchen friends: Karen in front. Helen, Bob H, Darlene, Holland and Bob R in back.

Lloyd and Bob
enjoying the sun

LeAnn, Elaine and Logan, still standing in the kitchen.

Melissa and LeAnn
and Lisa's back

Remembrance circle before the evening meal.

Darlene, Denise, Trish and Lloyd chat.

Deb and Bob D

The Butterfly Dormitory (aka the Snoratorium)

Diane, Susan and Billy

Andrea and Megan with Ken and Kathy

Geri in front. Marilyn (aka Melissaa) with Keith and Baby

Cool Lloyd!

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