Retreat 2004
Photo Album

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Pavo, Georgia

Ronnie and Hank bring up the tail end of the food line.

Diane and Freeman's Grandmother

The Peace Fire gets higher.

Glenda's having fun.

Bob D pulls Holland through
the house in a wagon, followed by Melissa. Ronnie watches.


Patty and Logan put letters to Allen in the Peace Fire.

Sheila snoozing.

Leann, our Texas Cowgirl!

Jean & Franklin with letters to Freeman.

Elaine listens to
"Hold On" by: Good Charlotte

Back Yard Angel

Bob D writes names on the rafters in the Butterfly Pavilion.

Brenda and Jean

Freeman's grandma and Jean

Kristi and Billy

LeAnn talking to Bob D.

Cowgirl Tricia
Wearing her hat with attitude!

Marcy beside a butt bucket.

Patty and Helen

Patty and Bob R. talk.

Patty and Jean look at displays.

We enjoy displays in the Butterfly Pavilion. Linda M is standing. Helen and Brigid are up close.

Amber looks at displays.

Christine's square on the rafter in the Butterfly Pavilion

Display for Lisa in the Butterfly Pavilion.


Front yard scene.

Bunkie joining Marcia for supper.

Chris with baby Tre; Leann and Billy.

In the chow line.

The Butterfly Trees.

Lynda and Deb enjoy the swing.
Rosaleen, Brigid and Bob at mealtime. Who's that walking in the back with a butterfly hat on her head?


Pat, Karen, Susan and Glenda in the yard.

Brigid talks about Christine with Elaine and Helen.

Geri and Hank rest on the swing.

Deb and Denise!

Amber and Amanda.

Meal circle: Darlene, Karen, Carmen, Sheila, Melissa, Brigid, Bob H

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