Retreat 2004
Photo Album

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A Very Special Week-End

Holland works on her laptop.

Bob snoozes!

Chris and the newest POS family member, Tre.

Logan snoozes, too.

Pat does not miss the Colorado snow.

Darlene and Trish: sisters at heart.

Sharon's smile brightens up the kitchen.

Phyllis in red.

Logan sunning himself.

Jean shared Freeman's baby shoes. Her Sugafoot.

Remembering Jeremy,
son of Leanne

Sharon with Luke, her companion.

One of the Butterfly Trees

Sheila has her bag of ashes and is ready to go.

Melissa, talks seriously

Willis puts Nathan's name on the rafters in the Butterfly Pavilion.

Remembering Anthony Cathal Lawless

POS Auto Mechanics - Whose backs are these?

Bob and Lynda enjoy the sun.

Brigid and Bonnie share memorial displays.

Bob and Lynda love eating grits!

Peace Fire Circle.

Amanda and her mom, Kathy, remember Brandon.

Scene from the back yard. Sleeping cottonfield to the right.

Brigid and Rosaleen - Two Beautiful Irish Ladies!

Jack across from Corinne at the kitchen table.

Marcia, Helen, Dona and Brenda share memories and a large box of Kleenix tissue.

Holland discusses England and Ireland with Bob and Rosaleen.

Pat and Susan share a memory book, while Glenda smokes.

Remembering Anthony
Rosaleen's son.

Tricia near the end of the food line.

Rosaleen and Helen.

Bob digs the hole for the Weeping Willow Tree.

The Gang's here! Bonnie, Deb, Denise, Big Bad Lloyd, Kristi, Billy, and Karen.

Logan, Patty and Lynda
enjoy visiting.

Bob talks with Brenda at the computer.

Bob and Elaine
savor the POS-FFOS Memorial cookbook.

Free time to visit with each other.

Bunkie, Darlene and Helen share good memories.

Karyl and Helen, Bunkie and Amber, sharing memorial displays.

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