"The Most Beautiful International Suicide Memorial Quilt in the World"

Section #5

Click on the name to see an enlargement of the square created in memory of that person.

Click on the name to enlarge the square that person created.

Row #1
Christopher John Taylor Jr. New Jersey
Aisha Marie Taylor - Jamaica
Daniel Michael Triplett - Pennsylvania
Gregory Damon Walker - Texas
Trena Lee Grimmett - Louisiana

Row #2
Jason Roger Garland - Indiana
John Joshua Poland - Virginia
Carl Francis Cufone III - Tennessee
Tori Audi - Virginia
Kelly Michael Bird - California

Row #3
Jay Russell Odum - Georgia
Timothy McClelland - Florida
Garrison Thompson - Missouri
Keith Pearson - Wisconsin

Row #4
Marvin S. Hardin - Kentucky
Michael Lee Hund - Michigan
Daniel Joseph Kennedy New Hampshire
Cory James Chappell-Dunning New Zealand
Garry Lynn Jones Jr. - Illinois

Row #5
Peter van der Walt South Africa
Glenn van der Walt South Africa
William Hamilton Proctor South Carolina
Daniel Alan Dunn - Georgia
Ralph Caines - Pennsylvania

All photos of the quilt squares came directly from the original quilt, taken after the unveiling at the POS retreat 2003.

The Most Beautiful International Suicide Quilt in the World
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