"The Most Beautiful International Suicide Memorial Quilt in the World"

Section #4

Click on the name to see an enlargement of the square created in memory of that person.

Row #1
Kenneth Edward Long - Nevada
Misha Singleton Moonce - Indiana
Adam Michael Shelton Moore - England
Nicola Raphael - Scotland
Connor Benton Craig - Colorado

Row #2
Kyle Michael Hill - Minnesota
Michael Vega - New York
Patricia Ann Cassidy - Pennsylvania
Jessica Lynn Barnett - Michigan
Stephen Michael Brown - New York

Row #3
Michael Lee Powell - Kansas
Janis Nelson - NSW Australia
Mark Harry Baker - Michigan
Eric Skinner - Colorado

Row #4
Troy C. Pesch - Arizona
Claude J. Burleson Jr. - Alabama
Jack Clason Sanford - Montana
Shawn Jonathan Bannon - Pennsylvania
Kirk Oliver - NSW Australia

Row #5
Merlene (Tootsie) Hart La Rose - Maine
Christopher Andrew Brooks - Colorado
Katrina Michelle O'Brien - Colorado
Daniel Reynolds Page - Georgia
Nathan A. Eisert - Kentucky

All photos of the quilt squares came directly from the original quilt, taken after the unveiling at the POS retreat 2003.

The Most Beautiful International Suicide Quilt in the World
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