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"Fall 2005"

First Tennessee Retreat


The 7th semi-annual Fall Retreat was held the week-end of
October 14th in Columbia, Tennesee, for the purpose of providing time
away from the 'real' world for members of POS and FFOS to gather together
and celebrate the lives of our son's, daughter's, family and  friends.

Special guests were those who came from countries
outside of the United States to attend.

Mandy McGrath
Daughter of Robert Watson Newton,
from Melbourne, Australia



This fall...

We participated in:

Sharing circles,

Held our Semi-annual Peace Fire Ceremony,


Most important, we shared memories, tears
and hugs with each other, solidifying friendships
which were created via the internet, a world without boundaries.

A BIG thank you goes to...

Karyl and Ronnie for opening up their home
to the POS and FFOS family for the 7th year in a row.

and to...

And thank you also to...

all who brought food, gifts or chairs, who shared something, offered
entertainment, provided a listening ear or caring hug, who helped
clean up, who donated to cover catering costs, who helped provide
transportation, and who honored us with your presence.

Until next year!


"Parents of Suicides"

"Friends and Families of Suicides"


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