"Retreat 2005 Home"

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"Willow Tree"

"Stepping Stones"

"Peace Fire"




Front, sitting on the ground- From Left to Right:
Linda G., Cheryl, Bonnie, Donna, Candice, Tre, Chris, David, Brian, Melissa, Brenda, Sharon, Connie (in back of Sharon) Robert with Luke, June and Marcia

Middle row, sitting in chairs:
Marlene, Diane, Patty, Logan, Elaine, Rosaleen, Bunkie, Argia, Pam, Karyl, Ronnie and Nancy

Last Row, as they are seen - Left to Right:
Bob R., Judy, Faye, Jeff, Don, Shelia (in front of Don), Trish, Carmen, Jack Amanda, Megan, Kathy P., Ken (Behind Kathy), Shirley, Lynda, Rona, Mare, Wendy Brigid, Kathy M., Alice, Dona,  Sara, Eileen and Bob H.


"Parents of Suicides"

"Friends and Families of Suicides"