Retreat 2001 - Pavo, Georgia

POS Retreat 2001 was in Pavo, Georgia.

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The Butterfly Tree

Lloyd, Tom, Iris
Myra, Sharon, Elaine, Tricia,
Karyl, Eileen, Geri, Harry Bob

Iris & Tom, Henry & Jackie
Ginny, Donna, Beverly
Irene, Amanda, Alice
Harry Bob, Judy, Chris M, Jan,
Bill, Carol, Beth, Carmen, Jack

Marge starting Peace Fire

Peace Pole

Karyl's House

Chris M & Judy H

Donna enjoys herself.

Elaine with her iced tea

Beth in the kitchen

Geri - A solemn moment

Harry Bob looking at displays

Iris, thoughtful

Jack the table

Myra, Iris, Tom,
Henry, Jackie, Irene

Judy, Carol P,
Jan & Ginny

Elaine & Patty watch Carol
eat Mardi Gras King Cake from Nancy

Pensive Marge

Iris & Tom

Patty & Irene

Jackie & Henry

Chris the den

Ronnie - Outside Cook

Sharon & Bill

Alice, Iris & Tom, Marge

Alice & Eileen

Bev & Lloyd

Karyl, Surprised


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