"Walking Together, Side by Side"

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Member: Helen (Dietrich)
Colwyn, Pa.

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Joseph Dougherty (27)
05/04/72 - 01/01/00

Please, no more Sadness for me.
Enough Tears-enough suffering my loss.
Awesome - the only way I can express where I am in Heaven Above!
Certainly you must always remember -- you are my one True Love!
Eventually, it will be - you and me - all over again.
So - until then-- Keep all your senes alert.
"LISTEN" when I speak!
Smell and feel the breeze as I stand beside you.
See me through the eyes of the Cross - or a butterfly - or an Angel -- that's ME you See!


Member: Roberta Wynn
Toole, Utah

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Bryce LaGrande Wynn (27)
05/09/77 - 10/26/04





Member: Paula Bonner
Baltimore, Maryland

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Adam Christopher Swanson (17)
01/08/82 -12/14/99


Our Son, Our Brother, Our Love,
... and now he is free to soar




Member: Rosalinda
Victoria, Australia

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Milly Rayne (20)
06/06/78 - 08/28/98


As I sit here
The cool wet drops of rain slide effortlessly over the leaves
and then hesitate just a moment before taking the final plunge
to the earth below
Like the tears that roll gently over my cheeks
Oh but how I'd love to be a raindrop in a forest
Like my thoughts the vines are twisted and confused
clinging to the dark rotted wood of the trees
that seem to sigh or whisper as the breezes caress their leaves
Like the aching passion in my soul
And do the young trees reach ever so desperately
for the small rays of sunlight that glimpse through the canopy
Like I reach for hope and then suffocate myself in my own protective boundaries
Does the forest feel pain like I do?

Milly Rayne 1994

Member: Kimberli Johnson

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Dillon Wayne Johnson (19)
07/15/83 - 04/14/03

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"From My Arms To Gods"


Member: Pam Puckett
Washington, DC

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Stephen Lee Puckett (22)
11/19/81 - 10/28/04



You are forever in our hearts!




Member: Brenda Pearson

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Earl Paul Roberts III (Scooby) (30)
06/30/73 -- 02/26/04






Member: Michelle Sheehan
Pflugerville, Texas

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Ryan Sheehan (32)
02/16/73 - 09/30/05






Member: Margaret Hajdinjak
Thunder Bay Ontario, Canada

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Steven Hajdinjak (26)
12/07/78 -- 11/17/2005








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