"Sadly, Missing You"

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Member: Pamela Woosley
Lumberton, Texas

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Kristopher Bryant Woosley (27)
08/20/76 - 12/02/03


Only God knows why you went away
Only he knows why you couldn't stay
Until my last breath is drawn
Only you and God knows why your gone
My Precious Son and always in my Heart Forever

Member: Ruth Cruz
El Cajon, California 

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Amy Rachelle Walsh (20)
11/10/83 - 04/16/04

Another day gone, another day closer to my girl





Member: Rita Sheth
Ambler, Pennsylvania

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Kishan Sheth (20)
05/15/83 - 03/20/03






Member: Carol

~~In Loving Memory of~~
James J. Slattery (19yrs 2mo. 13 days)
06/19/85 - 09/01/04

  You are missed by so many, but none like your Mom, sister Kerri and brothers Christopher and Justin. We never let a day go by with out speaking your name, hugging your memory or kissing your spirit. You were and are the apple of my eye, my first born child so tender and sweet. I loved you the day the doctor said " Carol you are pregnant". I felt you grow under my heart, within my soul. I remember like it was yesterday the first flutter I felt from you, the first time you called me mommy, your 1st step, your first every thing. I can not believe you decided to leave, we had a pack to never leave the other behind. I guess you forgot. My heart aches with your loss, my arms so empty with out you to hold. We will meet again, but until then watch over us. We need you.

Love Always

 "My Son, My Angel, On my shoulder he sits, in my heart he lives"

Member: Linda Stilson

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Michael Joseph Stilson (33)
02/06/71 - 12/20/04






Member: Andrea Brand
Kendallville, Indiana

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Joshua Boots (21)
07/25/81 - 11/13/02





Member: Pam West
Liberty, Kentucky

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Jason L. West (19)
06/10/85 - 07/12/04





Member: Maria Buttery
North Yorkshire, England

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Joanne Marie Buttery (29)
03/25/71 - 03/03/01





Member: Susan Bowling

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Michael O'Neall (21)
9/18/81 - 6/30/03

  I miss you so much.
You'll forever be my baby.
Love you,




Member: Gary Boehling
Sanford, North Carolina

~~In Loving Memory of~~

Adam Justin Boehling (18)
11/10/1986 - 04/27/2005

    I FEEL YOU..
 I feel you in the sunshine,
On a bright hot August day.
I feel you when the wind blows,
I never want it to go away.
I feel the; DAD I LOVE YOU,
When Iím sitting in the night.
I say in a whisper; I LOVE YOU BACK,
That tells me youíre alright.
I feel you when I see children play,
In the park just up the way.
I find myself going there, almost everyday.
I feel you when the leaves fall down,
From the highest tree above.
They come down & brush my face,
Like the wings of a baby dove.
I love to feel the memories of you,
When my heart is feeling down.
It puts a smile on my face,
And takes away the frown.
I feel you when I look up at the stars,
They twinkle and they shine.
Just like the look you had in your eyes,
When I knew that you were still mine.
I feel you when I see a flower,
So beautiful and new. & son I know
When it rains, the angels are crying for you.
You took the lords hand, & it was
Time for us to part.
But the time that I hold dearest,
Is when I feel you in my heart.
I feel you in the sunshine,
On a bright hot August day....



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