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Member: Trina Beavers

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Dominique DeShon Wilson (18)
02/10/85 - 05/23/03

 My Life’s Journey...

 Here I sit not really doing anything. Wondering just what my day will bring Many thoughts run through my head. From the moment I rise ‘til I lie down to bed. Just for a moment I’d like your attention. Don’t say a word just sit there and listen. Open up your heart, your mind, your ear. There is so much that I want you to hear.



Dear Lord,
It is to you I pray
Thanking you, Father for giving me this day
As I journey on about my way
There is so much I wish to do and to say
Give me direction, Lord do I go or shall I stay
That on the wrong path I do not stray


For if I follow God’s direction
I’m sure to make it through
He’ll pick me up if necessary
To make sure that I do
I once lost my way
Not knowing which way to turn
But God brought me out
It was a great lesson to learn
Never deny the true power of Christ
For it was He who gave me life
He removed all of my misery
Wiped away all my strife


Now when you go through your tests and your trials
Keep your head up high and wear a great smile
For God is right there, been there all the while
“Just take my hand, I’ll guide you My child”
The door is wide open, come in from the rain
The Lord is waiting to take away all your pain
He’ll help you through erasing all stains
Not one scar will there remain


 Now I am home resting in God's arms
Mom I am safe now away from all harm
Please do not cry for me as you used to say
For you will see me again one sweet day
Take care of my brothers and give them a hug
Tell them I miss them and send them my love
You will have your answers one day soon
Just look for me in the stars beneath the silvery moon


 (I know he would have said it this way.)

 My Loss Is Heaven's Gain
Trina H Beavers - Mom of Dominique
2*10*85 to 5*23*04
Eighteen yaers the Lord granted me happiness
Tustin, CA


Member: Deborah Poston
St. Petersburg, Florida

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Kelly Allyn Poston (20)
07/16/1983 - 05/29/2004

When tomorrow starts without me, and I'm not there to see;
If the sun should rise and find your eyes all filled with tears for me;
I wish so much you wouldn't cry the way you did today,
While thinking of the many things we didn't get to say.
I know how much you love me, as much as I love you,
And each time you think of me I know you'll miss me too;
But when tomorrow starts without me, please try to understand,
That an angel came and called my name and took me by the hand.

Member: Tim & Cheri Street

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Brian David Street (23)
03/14/81 - 05/30/04

My dearest Brian,

You are missed so much son. Why you felt you could not go on, I will never understand but, I pray you are at peace now my son. I want to thank you for the 23 wonderful years I had with you. You brought so much joy to my life. I was so lucky and blessed to have you for as long as I did but, being human I am selfish, I wanted you much, much longer. I want more than anything for you to be happy now. It is all I ever wanted for you son. Be happy Brian, you deserve it. I will love you the rest of my life and beyond.

All my love,

.........and the Heavens will bless not those stars that shine the longest but, rather those that shine the brightest.............(unknown) Shine on baby.


Member: Jane
British Columbia

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Matthew James Bruce Einarson (21)
09/29/1982 - 12/01/2003

Our dear beautiful Matthew,

Words can not say how much we love and miss you.
We are so proud and grateful to have you as our son.
Thank you Matthew for the precious 21 years.
Our lives on this side will never be the same without you,
but one day we will be together again.
May you be at peace in heaven.

Love forever
your Mom & Dad

Member: Donna Whitcomb
New York

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Eric Whitcomb (21)
6/24/81 - 1/24/03

(Top Photo taken Christmas 2002 - Eric and Mom, Bottoms Photo Taken 6 Mo. prior to suicide - Eric and sister Caitlin)

"The time came when the pain it took to stay,
was greater than the pain it took to go"

I miss you so much Bud. There was so much more for you to do.
Look forward to the day we get to meet again.
Caitlin and I make it our priority to keep your memory alive.
You were here. You mattered. You were so loved by all who knew you.
You touched our lives in a way that can never be forgotten.
We'll miss you every minute of every day, of every week, of every month, of every year!


Member: Debbie
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Dave Raymond Wilfrid Lucas (31)
05/21/73 - 10/19/04

Gone, yet not forgotten
Although, we are apart,
Your spirit lives within me.
And forever in my heart.
I pray you are in peace.
So very sadly missed.
"Love you big time, Love you back"

Mom, Dad &Rick

Member: Bonnie McClelland
Seminole Florida

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Timothy Michael McClelland (17)
07/09/84 - 01/21/02
17 years 6 mos. 11 days and about 4 hours

"I will love you to eternity and back again eternity times"

Tim is my only child my miracle baby I was not suppose to have children. He was born a week before my 35 birthday. I raised him alone. He was the best. He was the kid everyone wished they had (except for the dyslexia part) He was my son and as he grew older my friend. Depression ruled his life for 2 1/2 years. In one week his world came crashing down. I found him and in that instant my heart was shattered and my life deleted. He left his earth suite behind and I know he is with me in sprite. I long to see and hold him once more. Tim left a note with a ps "learn from this and help each other" In his memory Suncoast Yellow Ribbon was started. I use to say it is you Tim that got me up to face each day and you still do for as long as I walk this earth so do you I am your voice now until we are together again.
your "hippie dippie" mom
Bonnie McClelland


Member: Marjorie Nelson (Marge)
Chatham, New Jersey

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Michelle Danielle Nelson (24)
06/24/80 - 11/10/04

"Missy's Boot"

For Michelle Do you remember?
“I am an animal lover who loves traveling.”
Never think that I have taken my final voyage.
I loved my old boots and my stockings of a thousand colors,
But I no longer need them.
Barefoot and freed, I fly where I wish. - - Paris? a luminous marvel!
When I return home I hear the voice,
The sweet voice of my Lord who welcomes me:
“Come dear Michelle, sit down near me.”
There we are surrounded by animals, superb and splendid.
While I am caressing them,
My Lord caresses my hair arranged according to my own taste.
And each time that you think of me
It is like a supple and tender caress.
Are you looking for me?
I am always there near you. Do not look in any other place.
Do you hear the timid voice of the little cat?
Give her caresses and I shall feel them.
Listen to my voice when I whisper to you:
“Forgive me and do not forget me.”

English Translation: Hiram Jenkins 
Poem: Hiram Jenkins


"Christmas 2004"

 My Dearest Family which includes my many Friends,
There is nothing any of us can do that is unforgivable.
Too many precious minutes are wasted on hurt feelings.
Life is just too short.
We don’t fully appreciate what we have in this life until it is taken away.
I cry for my beautiful daughter who has moved on
to another phase of her life’s journey and left me behind.
I sat next to her in the hospital, her hand resting on top of mine.
I talked to her, begging her to come back to me.
Please, just one more day,
one more word, one more chance to get a hug and a kiss.
If you just wake up, my beloved, we will all go to Disney World.
If you will just open your eyes up and smile one more time.
Last summer Missy and Alby came to visit me.
We had a wonderful time. We went deep sea fishing. We all stood together at the back
of the boat, joking about our fishing skills. Missy and I caught sand sharks, Alby caught
a sea robin. It was fun just being together, it didn’t matter that our nets were empty.
We were full of joy just being together, feeling the wind against our faces,
smelling the salty air.
After we returned to land, we dinned on fish that other people caught.
It did not matter that we had no fish to brag about.
You can always buy a fish.
We went to Great Adventure. I have the picture that says a thousand words.
I thought our time together would be longer.
We all take each other for granted. We expect to be able to wait until another day
when we aren’t so busy, when we have a day off.
I will talk to you later, I have to go now, I am very busy, you know.

In case there is no tomorrow or next week, I will tell you now. I love you.
My life is forever changed because of the times I have spent with you.

Let us make more free time and spend it together. Give your children another hug.
And don’t let the sun go down with any anger.
Tomorrow you may not get the chance to make up.
Let this Christmas be the most loving one ever. Give each other the gift of your time.
Let us Rejoice and be glad we have each other today,
don’t wait for Christmas.

Member: Rochelle Sides

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Corinne Celice Wilson (13)
09/30/91 – 10/06/04

My sweet baby girl,

We miss you more than you can imagine.
Your loving heart and beautiful soul were a mother’s dream come true.
A better daughter one could not ask for.
I thank God everyday that he chose me to be your Mommy,
you made me very proud and always will.
I love you my precious Boo.

My daughter, Corinne

Your sweet little face, more beautiful I would never see
As you laughed and learned through the years
You made my life so complete
This is what I will remember, through the tears
I can see your long blond wavy hair
That you fought with everyday
If you only knew, its shine and beauty, were so rare
So smart and naive all at the same time
A sweet innocence mixed with true grit
These are the things we will never forget
As I listen to the songs that you sang with beauty and grace
I will remember the little girl that made me so proud
And I will see your soft, beautiful face

Member: Florence (Lynn) Fernandes

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Donna Elaine Simmons (27)
10/13/71 - 11/28/98

The Wind He has fallen from the stars, and he touched our hearts. With his kindness
and soft words, he made us believe we had self worth. No one to put you
down. He'll hold your hand to see you through, with love shining in his eyes, warmth in his arms,
he gently reached the ground. He spread his arms wide to fit us all in a tightly woven embrace.
You could see the tears shining on his face. With a last smile and kind word or two, he left our
world to be with the Father, Our time will come too.

By Donna Simmons 12/1997


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