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Member: Maria
Waretown, New Jersey

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Lauren Niederer (16)
10/12/87 - 5/5/04

My Beautiful Angel !!!





Member: Ardith Nelson

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Terry (40)
11/27/63 - 3/2/04

"Fly like a butterfly, now you are free........"

"You took a part of my heart with you that awful day Terry."

Dad and I will always hold you in our hearts.
Someday we will all be together again.
In a far better place.

With our love forever,
Mommy and Daddy


Member: Kathy Mathis
Ashford, Alabama

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Gary Steven Mathis (30)
01/31/74 -  05/15/04

My Precious Steven,
  You made my life complete for 30 years. I miss
you so much and you will always be on my mind. I
know, in Heaven, you have found the peace you
were searching for. I am so sorry I did not realize
the pain you were in. But now you are pain-free,
better off than the rest of us. Look down on us
from above and make sure you save a place for us
in that Heavenly home.
I love you,



As a young girl of 18, I felt that first little flutter,
And I knew in an instant that I was going to be a mother.
A precious baby boy was placed in my arms,
And I promised him then and there to protect him from all harm.
My sweet little boy started to school,
Making friends, winning teachers hearts, obeying the rules.
My teenager entered junior high school and things turned around,
His innocent smile was replaced with a frown.
Troubles and trials and temptations came his way,
He was easily influenced, he never had much to say.
My young man met April, the love of his life,
And when a child was conceived, he made her his wife.
Prior to marriage, he acquired a debt he had to pay,
He asked for no special treatment while he was away.
He returned home with love and care in his heart,
Wanting never again from his family to part.
His little girl, Sesalie, he loved most of all,
He was always there at her beck and call.
Soon Sessy was joined by Landon, her little brother,
My sonís family was complete, a girl, a boy, their father and mother.
His love for Mary Beth was an unconditional love,
And he always considered Austin (and Emma) a gift from above.
Life became complicated, he could not cope,
He gave up on life, he lost all hope.
Though weary and worn, how could I have not seen,
And even if I had known, could I have intervened?
Now I live with a broken heart, a life full of regret,
Memories of that early morning call, Iíll never forget.
My precious child, Steven, without a doubt is free from all pain,
I pray for God to guide me until I arrive in Heaven and see him again.


Member: Mary Bailey
Redmond, Washington

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Anthony Wilson Lewis (31)
10/24/72 - 7/20/04

Dear Anthony,

When I look at your new born picture, I still feel the wonder, you are so beautiful.
When you sent me your graduation picture, my heart stopped to see you wearing the suit you and I put together.
I remember you said you hated suits and I said lets just put something together that you like.
You look so handsome, I remember your face when you put it on, you were genuinely happy with the results.
I Love you and miss what we will never have.


"Go to rest now my sweet baby boy; In the arms of your loved ones who have gone on before.
May your heavy heart be healed with love and mercy from a wise, kind Father in Heaven.
May you learn and grow in this spirit world, to find that "peace of mind" you were so desperately seeking.
May I as your Mother who now remains, once again embrace you, walk with you, talk with you at my journeys end.
May the Angels rejoice with you when you earn and receive your wings to soar!!!
The pathway there may be long and difficult per the choice you made to find relief
of the chains that bound you in your earthly state.
Ultimately only ONE knows your true and good heart, as does he with each of us....
You will be embraced, blanketed with HIS everlasting glory!!!!
This I leave with you as your earthly Mother's Heavenly Prayer".

Member: Karen L. Long

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Roger Joseph Long (15)
11/16/88 - 06/01/04

You will always be my #1 son
I will miss you every day for the rest of my life.

Member: Shirley J. Sherwood

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Katherine (Katie) Sherwood (28)
05/15/75 - 09/10/03

Dear Katie,

My life is so empty without you here. I don't know why you couldn't wait just one more day for life to do it's magic and change to suit you. It would have you know. It always does.

You came into my life when I least expected it and you became such a treasure to me.
You were the sweet, beautiful, young woman that I never knew how to be. I am so proud of you my baby girl

So many people were touched by your sweetness. Your brother misses you so very much and often reminds
me of how he thought of you being your pesky self to him and how you two grew close over the years.
Autumn (niece) tells me all the time how she misses you and wants you back. Sami (niece) acts out quite a
bit now. I don't think she likes coming here as much any more because your not here.
And L'il Adam (nephew) will be reminded that he did know you. He is still so young.

All of your aunts, uncles and cousins grieved for you almost as much as I did.
I know that your father also knows now just what he lost.

Take care my baby. Take flight, you are free of the pain now.
I still love you so very much and you will be alive always in my heart.

My Katie, My sunshine, My Sweet Daughter Forever.

Love Ya Baby,




Member: Scott Brutzman
Los Angeles, California

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Taylor Mawr Brutzman (21)
09/04/81 - 03/14/03




Member: Susan Sterling
Newburyport, Massachusetts

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Adymn Christofer Calcagni (15)
11/30/88 - 10/07/04

Member: Karen Gleason

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Brandon Lee Carnitz (19)
01/30/84 - 10/29/03


Member: Jeanne Mitchell-Kelley
James "Brian" - Terre Haute, Indiana / Jeanne - South Vienna, Ohio

~~In Loving Memory of~~
James Brian Liston (31)
10/23/71 - 01/10/03

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