"Until We Meet Again"

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Member: Linda Pilkerton
Waldorf, Maryland 

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Jessie Robert Richardson (23)
11/23/79 - 02/01/03

Member: Bill and Debra
Ewing, Virginia

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Michael Edward Moulton (16)
01/12/86 - 11/16/02

This photograph was taken a few years ago of Michael
while vacationing in Florida. It has a special
meaning to us. The photo was found on his
birthday, January 12, 2002, after we released
balloons in his honor with a special message.
The balloons drifted against a light breeze into a
blue sky. A rainbow appeared in the distance the
balloons traveled in the clear sky. This gave us
comfort, knowing he was with us. See the balloons
in the photo?

"Soar with the Eagles our Son and Brother.
We miss your smile, your kind and compassionate way.
We will always and everyday hold you close to our hearts.
In the midst of our tears and grief for our loss,
we grieve the loss of all those who did not have the
privilege of knowing how wonderful a young man you are.....
God Hold You Close"

We Love you,
Dad, Mom, Harvey, Sarah D., Big Sarah, Jason, and David

Member: Donna Carter
Monticello, Indiana

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Joshua J Treichler (17)
06/10/83 - 10/12/2000

"I Wish"

I wish
that I had a picture of you everyday of your life
So that I could share all those memories with the world
and make them understand why you are so special to me
How your being here made me a better person
And how you spread love around freely,
like there was no end to it.

I wish
A photo could show your sweetness,
kindness and laughter
The happiness you poured out on everyone you met
your thoughts and abilities and wonder in the way things are
Your forgiveness of a cruel and sometimes heartless society
and a less than perfect family But most of all

I wish
That you could see the pictures that are in my head
and see yourself the way that I do
that you would know what a beautiful angel you are
and know that you did not have to leave us so soon
with only pictures and memories.....

Written by Donna Carter
Josh's Mom

Member: Janine Chappell
New Zealand

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Cory James Chappell-Dunning (21)
04/01/78 - 08/11/99

Precious only of Maurice and Janine
My Life,
My Love,
My Heart,
My Soul.
Forever is just a breath away.

Member: Linda Garrett

~~In Loving Memory of~~
William Steven Garrett Jr. "BUCKY"(23)
10/24/79 - 12/24/02

Special Angel

There is a special angel in heaven
That is a part of me
It is not where I wanted him
But where God wanted him to be

He was here for 23 years
Like a night time glittery star
And although he is in heaven
He isn't very far

He touched the lives of many
Like only an angel can do
I would have held him every moment
If the end I only knew

So I send this special message
To heaven up above
Please God take care of my Angel
And send him all my love.

Keep smiling Bucky ! I Love You !!
You will live in me Forever
And my heart Permanently

Member: Shirley Bingham
Warren, Michigan

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Russell Lee Bingham (24)
08/25/78 - 04/22/03

~~This is my son Russell.~~
This was taking about one year before he died.
He was my only boy, and last child,
so that's makes him my baby forever.
He will always be with me because he took a part
of my heart with him which can never be replaced.
He always told me he was going to live with me forever,
so I guess in his own way he did.
I love you russell,
I wish you was here with me.

Member: Bonnie LaRocque

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Michael Scott Jones (28)
09/11/74 - 05/15/03

Michael Scott Jones was a beloved son, brother,
father, nephew, cousin
and a loyal friend. He loved his children very
much and worked very hard
to support them. Everyone who knew him saw him as
a special, kind, caring
person. He loved the quiet country life and
enjoyed canoeing , camping
and hunting. He had a green thumb which started
back in high school
horticulture class. He was an electric engine
mechanic. I knew he would
grow up to be a mechanic because from the time he
was very young he took
everything apart and made something new and
different out of it. He was
loved by many and is greatly missed.

Member: Argia
Pennsylvania, USA

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Ralphie (Forever 30)
04/12/66 - 09/30/96

My Healer, My Angel, My Baby
The sweet face of innocence.
I will forever hold an empty seat in
our home for you.Till we meet again.
You will always be my son and I will always be your Mother
We just have separate homes,
what we had together will forever be.
I Love You,


My son My son
So Loved So Missed
You touched every heart you ever knew
Good Looking, So Much To Give
Why? Why? Why?
I Love You With An Everlasting Love,
Jeremiah 31:3

A Short Story of Ralphie is in our POS Library

Member: Brigid Klein
Brooklyn, New York

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Christine Marie Klein (27)
01/30/75 – 02/26/02

Verse - from
“To Where You Are"
By Josh Groban

"Fly me up to where you are, beyond the distant star..
I wish upon tonight to see you smile,
If only for a while, to know you’re there.
A breath away’s not far to where you are.”

Member: Maggie Zarcufsky
Plymouth, Pa

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Shaun Marc Zarcufsky (16)
03/18/80 – 09/20/96

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