"We will never totally heal this loss"

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Member: Andrea R. Taylor

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Jonathan Orlandiss Taylor(29)
03/06/73 - 06/08/02

Your truest colors did not show;
however, the manner in which you fought
so valiantly in your torment allows
me to see them clearly now.

you've shown me your rainbow.


Member: Rona Raphael

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Nicola (15)
10/9/1985 - 24/6/2001

Member: Karen Ireland
Collinsville, Ok

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Travis Lee (Bubba) Ireland (18)
01/21/83 - 09/27/01

Travis (Bubba) Ireland:
Little brother who is loved
and missed very much,
but never ever will he be forgotten.

Member: Diana Rozmiarek

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Dustin Patrick Foster (17)
05/25/83 - 07/23/00

There are not enough words to describe how much you are loved and missed.

Always in our hearts
Forever in our memories.

Love You Constantly,
Mom, Dad
Darin & Amanda

Member: Wendy Jamieson
Dundee, Scotland

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Andrew Alan Donald (Drew) (20)
06/08/81 - 02/03/02

Member: Melissa Hanson

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Collin N. Hanson (14)
02/07/87 - 06/17/01

Member: Marg Hood
NSW Australia

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Matthew James Hood (20)
05/12/82 - 06/8/02

Matthew- My Son

The sunshine has gone from my life
The black clouds are hanging low.
I will never know why you had to go.
The news it shattered my very being
Nothing seems to have any meaning.
The cruel hand of death has snatched you away
All I can do now is pray.
The hurt and pain is so hard to bear,
Knowing that you will never be there.
Your smiling face,
My love for you
What am I to do.
You went so young
There was so much I had to say
But all I can do now is pray.
As a Mother I loved you so,
Never believing you would have to go.
So peace to you my precious one,
Till we meet on the rising sun.

Member: Lois Malott
Kingston Ontario Canada

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Nicolle (Nikki) (19)
09/30/83 - 10/01/02

Member: Joyce Hatch

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Christopher Lee Hatch (24)
01/27/73 - 08/16/97

Goodbye Chris

It's time to say goodbye, to someone that I love, But my heart hides from the pain, Say it isn't so, I wasn't ready for him to go. And now it's time to say goodbye

Goodbye to a brother and a son, Goodbye to Uncle and a friend, Goodbye Chris until we meet again, I will hold you in my heart

I know now you are free, From all your pain, I know now you are free, For all eternity, In a place that knows your name, Jesus is waiting there, With His arms open wide, Welcoming you to come inside

Hello to a brother and a son, Hello to uncle and a friend, Hello Chris, I've been waiting for you, Because you held me in your heart.

The Father has a plan, Though it's hard to understand, Trust in Him and You'll see, It's not up to you, And it's not up to me. Trust in Him and say goodbye, Goodbye to a brother and a son, Goodbye to Uncle and a friend, Goodbye Chris until we meet again, I will hold you in my heart.

In Loving Memory of Christopher Lee Hatch

By Jennifer Hatch

Chris will be remembered for his love of his Family, Friends, The Colorado Mountains, Music, and his love for God. He had hoped to be "used by God in Music" that never happened because he developed Schizophrenia just as he entered the prime of his life. Chris we remember you in your life and we remember you in your death. You will not be forgotten and are in our Reunion forever!! Until our Joyous Reuinion, Make Music with Jesus and The Heavenly Host!!

Love, Mom and Dad

Member: Barry and Viv Stewart
Stafford / UK

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Michelle (Shelly) (13)
27/02/89 - 26/05/02


There could be no other like you; no one could ever take your place.
But we’ll always have your memory, to cherish and embrace.
We’ll always have the love, you gave without reserve.
Together with all your hugs and kisses,
Your warmth, your strength, your nerve.
Material wealth you never had, you didn’t get the chance.
Your riches were the love you gave to all, without a second glance.
So close your eyes and rest my love, you gave us all the best you had.
And we’ll never forget, but always love and miss you, Shelly,
Thank you, with love from Mum and Dad XXXXX

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