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Member: Mare

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Jack (Moe) (16)
8/29/85 - 12/4/01

If I Were a Kite...
If I were a kite, I would fly all day in a big field
and I would stay away from telephone poles.
I would see the beautiful blue sky.
I would feel the nice wind that makes me fly and smell the fresh air.
I would hear the wind blowing.
I would have a tail that has a pattern.
Jack Sanford
Grade One
Cherry Valley School

Fly, Fly Little Wing....Fly Beyond Imagining......
You fly with the angels now my beautiful, wonderful son.
My Angel, My Friend.
I miss you more than all the moons of all the planets in all the universe.
My Wonderful Navigator to the Heaven's.
You always were, and always will be "The Jack".
Love, Mom

Member: Bunkie Burke Rivkin
Dekalb, Georgia

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Jay Russell Odum (28)
09/07/69 - 05/21/98

Member: Dionne Adams
Billings, Montana

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Kendra Rose (13)
05/27/88 - 08/20/01

Member: Kathy (Kat) Ramberg

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Jay J. Rainey (26)
11/30/75 - 09/28/01

My Dearest #1 Son,
I only hope and pray that I will be able to contact you from the other side.
My only wish is that I could change places with you.
And give you a second chance. So please 'Fuzzy',
keep your ears open for my voice.
And yes Donny, that mean's you too!!!

Finally you and Donny are back together again.
Take care of each other!

With Great Love Always,
Mom (aka., the old lady)

Member: Paula

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Joseph David Sarcinelli (18)
06/29/83 - 04/12/02

Member: Jean Roberts

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Freeman Henry Jr (19)
09/10/81 - 08/05/01

Freeman my sugarfoot as we called him was born on Sept, 10, 1981 at 7:30 am. He was the only boy in the family.. He had a great love for the elderly and he wanted everyone to get along. Freeman adored his daughter Tia. I miss your joyful spirit, laughter, and beautiful smile. I miss you coming in the house and kissing me on my jaw. I wish I could have eased some of your pain and help you to see there were brighter days ahead. I love you and you are always on my mind.

You sleep in God's beautiful garden of perfect peace
Your memory will never grow old
A beautiful life has gone on
You'll never be forgotten, and always be loved.
May God let you rest in peace
We will always miss you, we will always love you

Mom, Pop, Daughter, Grandmother,
Aunts, Cousins and Friends

Member: Carole Riggs
Huntington Beach, California, USA

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Buffy Leigh Bergsetter (29)
12/01/71 - 10/10/01

Don't cry because its over,
smile because it happened.
Cherish the memories.........



Member: Pat

~~In Loving Memory of~~
'Bo' Robert W. Caldwell (17)
05/25/84 - 01/12/02

This is Bo..

My Bo, my darling sweet Bo.
Nothing can ever take ur place.
U gave much joy in living...
U gave much pain in dying.
I miss u so much..
I love u so dearly..
U are forever engraved in our hearts.
Ur Mom

Member: Candy Umstead

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Skip Umstead (19)
09/19/80 - 12/13/99

My heart still beats for you,
My LOVE still grows.
I want to HUG you SO.
I want to hear Hey MOMMA!
I miss having Fun with YOU!
You are My SON, My Cowboy, My Own.
Oh how We Miss YOU, Our Little
Skippy, Our Cowboy, MY SON!!

Member: Fay Foster

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Jason Cole Foster (27)
04/01/74 - 02/19/02

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