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Member: Marcia
New York, USA

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Doug (always 22)
8/3/76 - 6/28/99

My Doug,

Loving, and much loved, son, brother and
grandson -Cornell University
graduate - NYU Law School student - Bright smile -
gifted writer - debater -
extraordinary intelligence - avid Rangers fan -
compassion for the homeless - adored camp group leader - race horse afficionado -
handsome -Great sense of humor -
My son, My Friend

Happy?? I thought so-

No words can adequately describe my Doug- I'm sorry
you didn't get to
know him.
No words can describe my pain.
No words can describe my everlasting love.
No words can describe my broken heart that will never
be mended.
Our loss is infinite.

No mother should ever have to write this for her son.

Always loving you
Always your Mom

Please read "Doug's Story", which is now in the
POS cyber-library.

Member: Carol

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Barry (26)
5-17-71 - 8-3-97

Barry had blonde hair and blue eyes,
and his smile revealed two of the most beautiful
dimples you have ever seen.

He loved his hair long, and took great care to
get it looking just right.
He was a happy go lucky kind of kid, who had many friends.
He loved anything that had wheels on it
and loved to go fast.

His life was not without trials,
but he seemed to be able to work through them,
until the last 3-4 years of his life,
when a series of events seemed to have taken it's toll.
No one was ever aware that he was
silently trying to handle his pain.
The last day of his life should
have been one of happiness as he stood up
for his best friends wedding.
Instead his pain could no longer be held,
and only hours after the wedding he took his life.

My beautiful blonde boy, I love you!!!

As long as I can dream,
As long as I can think,
As long as I have a memory,
I will love you

As long as I have a heart to feel,
A soul stirring within me,
An imagination to hold you,
I will love you

As long as there is time,
As long as there is love,
As long as I have a breath to speak your name,

I will love you,

Author unknown

Member: Alice

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Riannon (17)
8/10/83 - 12/15/2000

If Love alone could have saved you, you never
would have died

If tears could build a stairway to heaven
and memories a lane

then I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you
home again.

Member: Donna
Indiana, USA

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Adam J. Bellner (20)
11/19/79 - 2/29/00

Only Child To Donna Bellner

Member: Robert
California, USA

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Carlos T Santiago-Gentile "Charlie", "Carlito", "Sunshine"(25)
11/03/70 - 12/11/95

Carlos was given the name "Sunshine" at 7 years old by hospital staff, a name that aptly describes his function in my life for more than 17 years. Born and raised in the heart of the South Bronx for the first seven years of his life, this little boy knew the pain of deprivation; yet, he absorbed the best of what his troubled mother had to offer which was a beautiful smile and a magnanimous and adventurous spirit. He roamed dangerous streets at an early age and unfortunately he developed few boundaries in his young life for all that was truly life threatening. Carlos wandered into my life when he was 8 years old. He filled my life with love and challenge for more than 17 years. We developed a bond as father and son which was life sustaining for him as well as for me. "I feel what you feel" came to describe a relationship in which neither one of us had to use many words to convey a profundity of emotion. Ultimately, he taught me how to love unconditionally, and I taught him a softer view of himself and of life in general. This boy knew the horrors of the South Bronx, yet he also knew the beauty of Hawaii and the richness of the Aloha Spirit that permeates the people and their land. In this magical place, he grew spiritually and emotionally. Like me, he was a Native New Yorker, yet he was every bit a "Local Boy". Hawaii is truly his home. His ashes lie in the warm, calm, beautiful, blue-green waters of Oahu. Diamond Head is his monument. He is surrounded by the very things that brought him peace and a sense of awe while he was on earth. On December 11, 1995 in Santa Clara, California, Carlos died by suicide. He was living with me at the time. His life had spun out of control, leaving him fully open to the pain, impulsivity and confusion that he felt so acutely from time to time throughout his short life. He was not afraid to die. This he had learned from previous attempts and from a deep seated belief that death was the beginning of a new journey and a new beginning. He wanted to be free- free from emotional pain which he had difficulty putting into words throughout his life, free from his need to self- medicate, free from having to rock himself to sleep, free even from the worry that he saw on his dad's face. It is now five years since he left. Fortunately for me, the pain of having lost him is not as great as the joy of having loved him. So, I'll live to honor his life and my relationship with him. I'll live to grow in understanding and compassion for all those who are deeply injured and in pain. I'll live to nurture the love he gave me as I set him free from my pain of physical separation from him. I know in the depths of my being that he is still with me, still a rascal, still fun-loving, and ever my son. His message to me resounds eternally, "Everything turns out ok in the end" as I think about a passage written by Kahlil Gibran- "In a little while, a moment of rest upon the wind, and another woman shall bear me".

Member: Dan
Washington, USA

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Teresa Rae Huntington(16)
12/16/83 - 10/21/00

I remember the walk with your mother the day you were born, we thought it would help speed up your birth, it did.
I remember the ride to the hospital, your Mom had to turn around in the seat, while I ran the red lights.
I remember you were so anxious to be born, by the time I park the car and got to the room, your head was already out.
I remember thinking it's a girl, it's a cheerleader for a basketball team because of the five boys being born in my family before you.
I remember cerebrating your birth with my friend Ron Trahanes.
I remember bringing you home in my new truck, with your mother being so sore from the delivery.
I remember the many nights in the rocking chair because you were so colic.
I remember the night you had seizures, taking you to the hospital, holding your tiny body when they gave you a spinal tap, spending that night by your bedside while they bought your temperature down.
I remember all soccer and softball games, from when you could barely started walking.
I remember all the Tae Kwondo tournaments we went to, especially the Utah cup, where you made all the boys you fought cry.
I remember taking you to the lake when it snowed, sledding down the lake bank.
I remember the many trips to Disneyland.
I remember the hotel swimming pools where we would always play "motor boat, motor boat."
I remember our white water rafting trips, especially on the Sellway, when we flip our raft, also when you and a friend went on the Deschutes by yourself in Ten foot raft, you were so brave.
I remember the first time you rode your quad, I didn't think we would ever get you off it.
I remember the all the holidays, and your birthdays that we celebrated, especially your sixteenth, when we went and got your driver license.
I remember buying your first car, to which you nickname it "The Turd".
I remember that night in the hospital when the Lord took you, holding your hand, telling you over and over how much I love you, praying he would not take you.

It's been two long years since I've seen your beautiful smile, heard your lovely voice and miss your sense of humor. Especially, when you gave me a hard time. I always enjoy that. Words are so hard to describe living life without you, I want to say so many things to you, but I know your in God's hands now, and with that, I can have some comfort. You will be forever in my heart and I will remember.
Love Dad

May God's love protect you
and guide you until
we can be together again.

Love Mom and Dad

Member: Carol
Yorkshire, England

~~In Loving Memory of~~
9/28/77 - 12/22/99


Niki age 22 taken from us 22 December 1999,
and her darling daughter Olivia jayne,
who both fell asleep.
With us in our hearts forever,

all our love
Mum, Dad, Donna, Rebecca, Jonathan and Ella xxxxx

Member: Sharon
New Zealand

~~In Loving Memory of~~
James Paul Robinson (14)
aka known as Jamie
12/24/84 - 11/04/99

Jamie came into this world weighing a healthy 8lb 12 1/2 oz. Little did we know how short his life would be and how much ours would change. We were unaware of the extent of inner turmoil Jamie carried around with him. we thought we understood him but we were so wrong we hadn't even scratched the surface. Jamie loved to golf and fish and not a day passed that he wasn't drawing something. He was loved so much, not just by his family but also his life time mate Jason and his special friend Hannah, and so many other friends he never realized he had. we love you Jamie and we miss you so much. a part of us has gone with you.

Mum Dad Rebecca Mitchell and Connor

The angels wept as they took you in their arms
They whispered we will love and take care of you
Until you meet with them again.

Member: Rosa
Missouri, USA
Step father: James Dye

~~In Loving Memory of~~
Amanda Lynn Reese(15)
8/12/83 - 4/6/99

Member: Janey Ochsendorf

~~In Loving Memory of~~
10/6/77 - 3/2/00

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