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POS - 2002


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Tricia Kent
with Chris and his dad
at his graduation.

Julia and Joanne
Julia, Joanne and Cheri

Dan Huntington
on Teresa's
Memorial Bench

Mom of Matthew
With grandchildren
Elizabeth & Dawson

Chris, mom of Janis
with Kaelen, Janis's son

Patti Brown
with Dennis

Bob & Lynda Humphrey
Darren's Mum & Dad

Rosaleen & Tracy
Meeting in Ireland

K.C. Gathering - November 2002
Back: Terry, Sandy M, Diana, Sue, Robin, Candy
Front: Patti, Connie, Ali

Sandy, Brent's Mom &
Diana, Dustin's Mom

NiurkaMaria & Manny
Parents of Paul

Wanda Brockson
Mother of Joseph

Warren, Dona, and Marg
in Australia!

Jacky & Michael Jessop from Australia
Surrounded by Linda Lerner and Marcia Resnick
at the Cafe des Artistes- across from Central Park in New York.