William Stephen Garrett, Jr.


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10/24/79 - 12/24/02

Bucky's Eulogy

Good morning I'm Jason Robins and I have been close friends with the Garrett family for a little more than 15 years. All of us know Bucky was as tough as they come; But what some of you might not know is He was as nice and big and warm hearted as a man could be. He was, as one person told me a big smiling Teddy Bear for her, who always listened and was there for her and her friends. Bucky was the type of person who fit in anywhere he went no matter what type or age group of people he was around. My mother who didn't see Bucky all that often told me it was a special treat to run into Bucky somewhere because even if he was with friends he would go out of his way to speak to her and along with his hello came that big smile, and that made her feel special. Bucky would also give you anything he had if he thought it would make you happy. One time, a couple years ago, I picked him up to go to the mountains to his parents cabin, and the first thing he said was "I'm not going to have to listen to Pearl Jam all the way there am I?" and I said "No Bucky, my CDs are either missing or all scratched to pieces and the only one that isn't is Mariah Carey that my wife left in there." Bucky said "I grabbed some of mine!" a few days later when I dropped him off I said "Hey you left these CDs on the seat", and Bucky said "No that one is yours." and inside were all three Pearl Jam CDs.

As recently as six weeks ago he came over to fix my mother-in-laws Blazer's fiberglass bumper that my son and I backed into and it wasn't that he wouldn't accept money from me but when he was about to leave my Dad pulled up in the rain with a burned out headlight. Bucky said " John you have a burned out headlight," and dad said "I know Bucky I have the lamp but the way the grill is broke the light just sits in there and its a pain in the butt to change." Bucky said "Give me a screwdriver and pry bar and I'll change it." Right then and there and for those of you who know my dad if Bucky wouldn't of changed it that day it would still be riding around with him on the front seat instead of where it belongs. I could go on forever with stories as I bet many of you could too. Because there was that much goodness in Bucky. He was full of good and he did the best to spread it to as many people as he could. Bucky I am going to miss you more than you could ever imagine but I know in my heart and mind your so special that you could actually hear God calling you and wanting to make him happy too; You went to him and for that Bucky you need to know we are not mad at you. We Forgive You and Will Always Love You.