Philip (PJ) Heim



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Dear PJ:

Your life has brought so much joy and love to me. You have always held a dear spot in my heart, and the memory of you will forever dwell there.

Now, you’ve left this world, for reasons I will never fully understand. Dear Philip, maybe somehow you couldn’t feel all the love, hope and faith that exists because of you.

The loss of your life has brought me indescribable pain. I, like you may have, also sometimes now feel that life is just a big, dark cloud, allowing no light to shine through.

But even this huge, dark cloud of your loss can’t cover up the light that was your life. Just the fact that you were my son restores my faith in eternal love and eternal hope.

Instead of giving in to the darkness, I will remember the light of your life here on earth. Because of you, I will shine even brighter with love, faith and hope.

Philip, I will do my best to honor your memory by seeking and giving love more freely. I will continue to believe in the “model” of a heaven on earth where all are fed with faith, hope and love. And, because of you, I will do my best to bring earth a little closer to heaven.

So, goodbye for now, dear PJ. Rest peacefully in God’s arms and know that we all miss you.

Love, Mommy