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Eulogy for Moe (Jack Clason Sanford)

By Patrick Michael Wurster, Jr
Age 20.....Dec. 13th 2001 At his brother's funeral in front of 300 people

"It's hard for me to find any words to convey how I feel, how we are all feeling. When I think about my brother Jack, I have so many, many things I want to say, and all at once! Then, there really is nothing I can say at all. I love my brother, and we will never forget him.

In his younger years Jack was full of mischief. Though Jack always stayed out of serious trouble, if his mom gave him the opportunity, taking her watchful eye off him for a second, we'd find Jack at the very top of a very tall tree, unable to get down, or cruising on his bike, still equipped with training wheels, clear across the city of Missoula, with his friends, going for a picnic in the mountains. If Jack said he was going to the mountains, well ain't much going to stop him.

I don't want anyone to think Jack was not happy, he was very happy. When you all are looking at the pictures of Jack we've put together I want you to notice, if Jack wasn't sleeping in the picture, he was smiling. And up to his most recent picture, he's had the same look in his eyes, and that same smile. They are ones of happiness.

Jack loves his family, and his family loves him. He loved it when his mom took him camping or when she took him and Tyler to Wal-Mart, just to buy them the things they liked.

Jack loved to go hunting with his father. In fact, Jack shot his first deer this last season. He joined band in school, just like me. And Jack loved nothing more than (even though it didn't ALWAYS seem like it) his youngest and closest brother Tyler.

Jack had a lot of friends and a loving family. He had a big heart and a lot of compassion for those around him. He was more sensitive than most. He was a very smart boy. Jack was a good person.

So, as we all gather close, we will remember my brother Jack together. He will have a place in all our hearts, for the rest of our lives. We will remember Jack for what he was, and we will love him for who he will always be."