Christine Klein


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1/30/75 - 2/26/02

I didn't have a eulogy for Christine but, I wrote this poem for her and read it at her funeral mass.
Banana Dolly was my special name for her when she was little.

Brigid Klein
Christine's Mom

To My Beautiful Child

Christine, my Banana Dolly,
I love you more than life.
I tried my best - but it wasn't enough,
to take away the pain and strife.
All the love I had for you,
could not make you love yourself enough.

Christine, you were beautiful,
both outside and within.
Your heart you opened to everyone,
whether they were strangers or were kin.

You innocently trusted everyone
who came upon your way.
And found only goodness in them.
No matter how long they stayed.

I know you loved nature,
trees, dogs and sunsets.
You felt too intensely, other peoples upsets.

Yes, you were a precious gem.
One that will never be again.
But in my heart and soul, I know,
your peace has come at last, so go,
go to that place where no sorrow is felt.
I will take comfort that all will be well.