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Buffy came into this world on a rainy Wednesday morning December 1, 1971 She was both my daughter and a kindred spirit. She was an extremely beautiful, fun-loving sensitive girl. She was one of those people whose smile lit up the room. Her positive energy attracted hundreds of friends. She loved to travel, ski, snowboard, swim, body surf, horseback ride, roller blade, water ski, dance, sing, she really was up for just about anything. She was graceful, yet clumsy. She loved all creatures of the earth.

I have been told more than once that she changed people's lives for the better. With a smile and a strong shoulder she could convince anyone that they could accomplish anything they set out to do. Her hugs were unmatched.

Buffy was a free spirit, she was 29 years old when she took her life, but in that short time, she lived life to the fullest and had more experiences than most people who live much longer. She spent her years living near the ocean; she was born and raised in Southern California living in Long Beach, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach and the majority of her years were spent in Huntington Beach, California.

She took photography, acting, flute lessons and massage classes. She modeled for a major department store while in high school but discovered that she wanted to be appreciated for more than just her physical beauty. She worked her way up to Banquet Manager in a popular 5 star Restaurant in Long Beach, California and soon captivated the imaginations of all whom had the opportunity to dine there.

In 1998 Buffy began her battle with depression and on October 10, 2001 she could no longer bear the pain and ended it by driving her car off a cliff in Palos Verdes, California.

I am blessed to have spent 29 years with such a rare and beautiful spirit and will forever cherish our time together. She was a very generous, loving, colorful, imaginative, funny, passionate person who lived life to the fullest. I miss her more than words can express.

Carole Riggs
Buffy's Mom

Carole, Mom of Buffy