Out of Darkness Team:

 Walking in Washington!

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August 2002

Some of the crowd

Front row (left to right):
(?), Marcia, Trevia, Liz, Chris, Angie
Back row (left to right):
Donna, Tina, Michele, Jeanette,
Tricia, Beth, Sheila, Heather, Colin

Team Members Register
Front row - Colin
Back row - Sheila, Tricia, Eileen, Jeanette, Alice, Heather

Finishing at the Washington Monument

Night walking

Banner on Stage
at the Beginning

Bystanders Cheering
for Walkers

A Father Carries
Photo 26 Miles

Through the neighborhoods
of Virginia

Start off through
Wooded Paths in Virginia

Holding Hands
After the Walk

Closing Ceremony

Symbolic Torch

Martha & Tricia

Note written for
our POS Children

No More Secrets!

Night Walking


Gathering to Walk

Joanne, Marcia, Michelle

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