Here We Are: Pavo, Georgia

POS Retreat 2002

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POS Cake brought by Shelia

Chris, Billly, Daniel, & Franklin

Franklin puffing on his cigar

Ginny & Candy on the Butterfly Bench

Irene with Jack, before he fell off the bench!

Karen & Cheryl share

Lloyd with Bev in the kitchen

Patty & Logan with Carol in the back yard

Four wonderful kids Scott, Samantha, Sarah, & Amanda

Linda surrounded by Samantha, Amanda, & Sarah

Bob & Linda put messages into the Peace Fire with Lloyd watching

Bob & Lynda straight from England

Our Bunkie

Charlene, Karen, & Cheryl enjoy the summer weather in the backyard

Daniel & Lloyd eating on the picnic table

Get Outta My Face! Candy, the Kick-Butt Queen!

Franklin, Shelia, & Jean enjoy eating outside on the butterly paper plates

Karyl, Nancy, & Judy - POS Sisters!

The Grimmetts Larry, Charlene, & Emily

Linda, Ray's Mom, at the kitchen table

Lynda with Samantha

Some of the tents in the backyard

Beautiful Tricia

Judy, Carol, Bob, Lynda, & Patty - Friends forever!

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