The Most Beautiful Butterfly Quilt in the World


POS Retreat 2002, Pavo, Georgia

This quilt was stitched together and created by Marge Cline and Bunkie Rivkin, with supportive assistance from Elaine Davison.
These people contributed squares for the quilt and unveiled it at the Retreat in Pavo.
Click on the name to enlarge the square that person creatred.

Center POS Ribbon

Charlene, Mom of Trena Grimmett

Marcia, Mom of Doug Kline C,

Bunkie, Mom of Jay Odum

Beth, Mom of Craig Tolley

Heather, Sister of Kevin Rivers

Lynne, Mum of Peter and Tony Elwood

Patty, Mom of Allen Boring

Marge, Mom of Mike's Spirit

Donna, Mom of Adam Belner

Lola, Mom of Vicki Moody

Glenda, Mom of Kevin Rhodes

Erica, Mom of John Van Der Werff

Laura, Mom of Ricky Lee Burt

Sandy, Mom of Danny Bossard

Chris, Mom of Will Zacharias Mitchell

Willis, Dad of Nathan Day

Shirley, Mom of Derek Hawley

Julie, Mum of Daniel Cook

Sheila, Mom of Kevin Rivers

Cynthia, Mom of Chris DuBose

Jackie, Mom of Joey

Iris, Mom of Danny Stoner

Rosalinda, Mum of Millie Raynes

Lloyd, Dad of Stephen Carson

Ginny, Mom of John Nolan

Dolly, Mom of Toni Rae

Maggi, Mom of Sacia Baisch

Rosaleen, Mum of Anthony Lawless

Wilma, Mom of Billy Starkey

Elaine, Mom of Mark Baker

Bob and Lynda, Mum and Dad of Darren Humphrey

Shelia, Mom of John Elvio Milam

Carol, Mom of Barry Pettersson

Bonnie, Mom of Rob Renicks

Karolyn, Mom of Andy Stein

Brenda, Mom of Kimberly Buddenbahn

Patti, Mom of Christopher

Diane, Mom of John Tyler

Karen, Mom of Ben Kimball

Nancy, Mom of Todd Fortier