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Updated July 1, 2015

Tracy Lee Cox

Amanda Curcio

Michael Stilson

Rodney Heath

Joe Frank Banks

Jacob Duran

Eric Grove

Marvin Hardin

Chris Burrell

Stephanie Barragy

Kacee Smith

Christopher VanBuren

Jake Feinberg

Willis Hopkin

Adam Hinson

Kishan Sheth

Brian Alden

Katie Sherwood

John Ruthenbeck

Michael Smich

Christopher Parks

Kelly Poston

Tara Swain

Isaac Powell

Logan Gentry

Johnny Moll

Jordan Hensley

Bryan Jensen

Joe Smith

Howard McDaniel

Howard Worthington Jr.

Joshua James

Michael Seitz

Erica Barreras

Christopher Parks

Joseph Dionisio, Jr.

Michael Halus

Benjamin Schmidt

Brandon Carnitz

Ryan Bourgeous

Jaysen Terriere

Benjamin Shamis

Jonathan Wollert

Christopher Wilkinson

Jason Page

Jennifer Odom

Joshua Vargas

Michael Smich

Brian Street

Caleb McIntosh

Arlyn Beal

Justin Perkins

Steven Clancy

Stephen Nicholson

Bradley Blakeley

Stephanie Rutka

Misha Singleton Monce

Jimmy Atkinson

Erick George

Scott Zink

Amy Melerine Vice

Kevin Cable

Lisa Mewbourne

Kevin McGuinn

Jason Hellewell

Nathan Ford

Alejandro Soltysiak

Sammie Butler

Tonya Lynn Horton

Allen Boring, Jr.

Wesley Miller

John Stone II

Derek Hawley

Cassandra Cassavant

Marla Stumpff

Christopher Leatherwood

Zane Hughan

Ryan Sheehan

Bobby McKenzie

Laurie Wilson

Daniel Conley

Meghan Ahearne

Jonathan Clemmons

Rebecca Savarda

Christian ( Chrissie) Carrigan
Gary J Whalan

To Submit a Memorial Link

Our Policies

1. Your must be a member of POS or FFOS to submit a link.Only true memorial sites will be listed. Family sites and sites that sell things will not be added to this site.

2.  The exact URL name (including http://www.) must be submitted. If there is a typo, the link will not be placed on this site.  (And only one memorial site per person is allowed.)

3.  Links of members who leave the group will be removed. If the link becomes non-functional, it will be removed.

4.  The links are randomized, so each time you visit, the names will be in a different order.

5.  Check the site for the name you submitted about a week after submission. Check to be sure that the name is spelled accurately and that the memorial site comes up properly. If you find a mistake, e-mail the name and correct information to cfofswga@cs.com

6.  Please consider placing the link to the POS - FFOS site on your memorial site, returning the favor.  The address is www.pos-ffos.com

To Submit

Send the following information to cfofswga@cs.com

Subject: Memorial Link for POS-FFOS Site

1. Your name

2. Your email

3. Which group you are in

4. First and last name of person honored by the memorial site

5. Complete website link for the website

6. Is this website a true memorial website?